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It's been a great run but currently I'm blowing up SERPs way too hard to maintain a paid community. The point where my secrets are just too good to share anymore. It's time to truly scale to the moon boys and girls.

The forum will stay alive but underground. See you in the clouds my friends,

Jacob King

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  • How to Scrape *Relevant Expired Domains - Part 2
  • How to Scrape Expired Domains
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  • Some numbers - Actual Numbers on What it Takes to Rank
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Private Blog Networks

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  • PBN Tutorial - Domains - Part 2
  • PBN Tutorial - Content - Part 3
  • PBN Tutorial - CMS - Part 4
  • PBN Tutorial - Blog Setup - Part 5
  • PBN Tutorial - Hosting - Part 6
  • PBN Tutorial - WHM Settings - Part 7
  • PBN Tutorial - Tools and Best Practices - Part 8
  • Blocking Ahrefs, Majestic bots on PBN domains
  • A Quick Rant About Finding a "Good" PBN Host
  • Finding FREE High Quality Content for your PBN and Money Sites
  • Using WAMP to Make Site Building Fast & Easy
  • How to Build Blackhat Sites that Google Loves

Link Networks

  • Is SAPE Still Used by the Pros?
  • SAPE Tutorial - Part 1 - Signup Process
  • SAPE Tutorial - Part 2 - Creating Campaigns and General Understanding
  • SAPE Tutorial - Part 3 - Filters and Prospecting
  • SAPE Tutorial - Part 4 - Best Practices

GSA Search Engine Ranker

  • Indexing Your GSA Links
  • Filtering Our List and Separating Quality Spam From Shitty Spam
  • GSA Site Scraping - The Secret Sauce
  • GSA Search Engine Ranker Tutorial - Options, Proxies, Captchas - Part 1
  • GSA Search Engine Ranker Tutorial - Campaign Setup - Part 2
  • GSA Search Engine Ranker Tutorial - Running Campaigns - Part 3
  • How to Setup a Lean Spam Factory
  • Indexers Aren't Working, What the F*@k is Going On?

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  • Seting up blogs on the root or www?
  • What domain name registrars for PBNs?
  • Spun Content Vs Playing It Safe - Which Approach Is Better?
  • Does Google Target Cheap $1 Hosts?
  • How to resurrect a expired domain quickly?
  • What to do with domains that lost their TF?
  • How Many Words Of Content?
  • Advanced anchor text strategies?

Have a question not listed that is stopping you from moving forward with your SEO campaigns? Not a problem, you'll receive direct Q & A with Jacob King along with support from other members.

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Why Choose BlackHatStacks over other paid training and paid forums?
It's tough to compare BHS to any other blackhat SEO forum, if you've spent any time on the popular ones you know how full of bullshit they really are. Mostly you'll find outdated regurgitated tactics along with some awful BSTs (buy/sell/trade) getting pushed down your throat. We're focused purely on getting better at blackhat SEO and ranking more sites, results are all that matter.

What do we talk about in the forums?
Everything SEO related that actually works. We cover automation tools, PBNs, link networks, expired domaining, and more. We have the most comprehensive PBN and GSA tutorial available, and we're constantly rolling out new content.

Can I cancel anytime?
Of course you can.

Are the forums paid only?
Yes, let's be honest, that's the only way to run a true SEO forum. Gotta keep things private!

Still Not Convinced?

Since you're still reading we're going to have to bust out those dazzling copy skills. That's right, we're not just a bunch of link spamming blackhats we can do some badass marketing also.

Think about this, just one small tweak with your PBN strategy can make or break the outcome of a campaign which can easily generate $1000s per month. And keep in mind that's just with one money site done right, imagine 5 of them or how about 10 of them? BHS connects the dots and answers all the questions you can't find answers to when it comes to blackhat SEO.

Throw in our tool set, 3rd party discounts, live case studies, constant updates, and your blackhatstacks membership will pay for itself 10x over.

See, Real SEOs Love Us

The difference between everyone else and Jacob King is – this is what HE does. He’s on the frontlines every day and willing to teach people what’s going on NOW. It’s one thing to read a forum or blog post from a year or a month ago and try to figure out if it still works. It’s completely different when you are able to pick the brain of someone on the frontlines right now – who is WINNING and knows what’s working now and why.

You can approach him with your scenario and strategy, and he’ll be able to quickly tell you if it’s going to work or not and why. That’s the most valuable opportunity King brings – so take advantage of it now while he’s still willing to teach! – nothing this good lasts forever.

If I had the time and means to action a small percentile of the information found in this forum, I’d be unstoppable. Until then, I lurk and absorb as much as possible.

Jacob, you just won another loyal fan. As the co-owner of KontentMachine, I am a member of all blackhat SEO forums out there, and I own dozens of GSA SER and PBN courses. Absolutely nothing compares with what’s inside BlackHatStacks. The biggest thing for me are the case studies and experiments since this is where you can see what’s actually working. I’m never buying another course again.

Let’s Do This!

Our next level tutorials, open case studies, and scripts library are waiting on the other side.

Registration Closed